Jun 112019


Custom Clip: “We are both after the same item and get there at the same time. Instead of fighting for it you suggest we play for it. You have a deck of cards and some toys. Whoever wins the game takes the item. The game requires I not cum in the next 10 minutes of play. I agree because I think I will win wither way, but still want the item. The game is not what I bargained for. Hearts I get to stroke for the face value, clubs I have to ballbust for face value, Spades I have to drink for face value, Diamonds I have to ride the large dildo you brought for face value and if a Joker is drawn then you coerce me to lock up in a cucky cage. What I don’t know is that half way through the game you start cheating (discreetly at first then blatantly later) you have a second rigged deck behind you with jokers and high cards. You lock me up, drop all pretense for the game, then seductively and forcefully you make me Finnish in my cage while teasing me and then leave with the goods.”