Jun 042019


My name is Andrew and you arrive at my hotel room as I’ve hired you for the night as an escort. We’ve agreed to a price of $5,000 for you to escort me on a night around town. You act happy to see me as I’m one of your wealthier customers, and since this is the most I’ve ever paid you for a night out, you tell me that you have a special treat for me tonight. You remove your jacket, and you are wearing nothing but a sexy see-through corset underneath. You tell me to pay you in advance, get naked, and get on my knees so I can receive my special treat before we go out.
I’ve paid you, & I’m naked and on my knees in front of you, and you open your purse. You put the envelope with the cash into your purse, and threaten me with a knif3. As shocked as I am, you tell me that’s not the special treat. You also pull out a strap-on- “Your treat will be my dick in your ass tonight, whether you like it or not”.
You start calling me Andrea instead of Andrew as you start mocking me. “What’s the matter, Andrea? You don’t like having a big dick forced down your throat? A minute ago you were begging for it! I’m gonna make you suck me off until you learn to love it!” You fuck my mouth and spit on my face a little while longer until I’m an absolute mess, then you order me to lay on my back on the bed for my final humiliation.