Nov 172015

Do you know what you are? Of course you do. You’re nothing more than a pathetic LOSER CUCKOLD. You could NEVER satisfy a woman like Me, instead you are a cuckold to Me and My husband. And of course you’re going to be a good boy for both of Us and work hard at keeping us happy. You’re going to make sure We take regular vacations, dine at the best restaurants, drink the finest wines, because pathetic little loser boys like you exist for this! you exist to make Our lives easier by pampering and making Us happy… working hard for an ALPHA couple! you could NEVER satisfy a woman like Me, so you have to resort to being a cuckold… and you WILL work extra hard to be a good boy for us, won’t you? You have no IDEA what it’s like to fuck a woman like Me, but if you work hard enough you can be the next best thing: Our cuckold.