Oct 222018


I’ve taken you back in time to the ’70s. The pharmaceuticals are flowing freely and so is the love. Tonight I’m going to make you do a whole bottle of poppers, and then take you out on the town, and make you do whatever and whoever I say. Poppers are just the beginning of your slutty journey through time. With every deep puff you fall deeper into a state of total openness, ready to take whatever I give you. I give you a countdown for release but hurry up and get it cleaned up, we’re going to Haight-Ashbury to get more poppers and make you do sluttier things during round 2. Buy this clip to get started.
Category: Coerced Intoxication, Countdown, Femdom, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Panty Fetish, Poppers, Pussy Control, Science Fiction Fantasy