Oct 222018


Does the idea of having a broken dick that just will NOT get HARD appeal to you….? Do you have a secret pervy desire to make your dick limp, flaccid, pointless? If so, sit back, watch Me and listen very carefully….with your desire and My clinical expertise W/we can make this happen.SOFT mind HARD dick, you know how it goes, and that is exactly how I want my subs to be at all times. HARD and SOFT in all the right places…but not YOU slave! It’s so funny, how under My mesmerising spell the chant of SOFT MIND HARD DICK becomes soft mind SOFT DICK and it’s arousing TO ME how easily your HARD dick shrivels and shrinks and becomes so soft and useless and impotent…especially when you WANT your cock to be SOFT. First I make you HARD then I make you SOFT. EVERYWHERE. Layered voices seep into every GAPING hole in your mind, you know the mind controls the cock and when you ALLOW ME to control your mind I CONTROL YOUR DICK. It has NO choice but to LISTEN to My words and SHRINK. The more AROUSED you feel, the SOFTER your cock becomes and the SOFTER your mind becomes. Deeply mesmerised these commands are POWERFUL and REAL. Do NOT listen to this if you do not want to fuck your cock up. Natural resistance wil be effectively dealt with, BUT if you actively resist the process will be much harder, & may not work at al. ‘Mesmerise” requires co-operation. If YOU DO want to BREAK your COCK (and you are reading this so YOU DO) then you must watch or listen to this file regularly. Permanent change can and WILL happen as long as you train correctly. MP3 to follow. Soft mind, SOFT cock….just the way you were always meant to be. LISTEN USING HEADPHONES. Do NOT listen unless you want o FUCK your cock UP! ***FYI: I will not be increasing My file prices after the recent 10% cut to My earnings. In return I expect GOOD boys to WILLINGLY and HAPPILY give Me a tribute to make up the difference. Even $5 shows Me the calibre of man you are. This is an EASY way to prove your worthiness***
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