Jan 012019


You have a weak spot for my feet. Watch me dangle my amazing new heels until I reveal the objects of your fantasy: my gorgeous feet and toes.
Can you tell what Goddess Sydney got for Christmas? Yes, look at those sky high open toe heels. Beautiful right? Combine that with a brand new toe nail color. What a tease. Not knowing when the heels are going to fall. Aren’t you dying to watch the shoes fall? So you get a full view of those majestic feet? And so you can finally squeeze that cock of yours even more. Because isn’t that what you came for? Don’t you want to cum for those lovely feet? Look at how beautiful those soles are, and those toes. There is now way you’ll be able to last long, especially with those toes front and center in your face. And when Sydney finally gives you the countdown, you will achieve your sweet release.
Category: Asian Fetish, Cum Countdown, Highly Arched Feet, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Shoe Dangle Fetish, Shoeplay, Soles, Tease & Denial, Toes, Foot Fetish, Foot Play